Welcome to South African Well Project Website. South African Well Project is a Non-profit, public benefit corporation, and 501(c)3 tax exempt charity and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the non-profit public benefit corporation law for public and charitable purposes.

The primary purpose of South African Well Project is to build water wells throughout the continent of Africa and other countries where water sources are insufficient and/or contaminated. Our specific purpose is to make clean water accessible to every village in the country of Malawi. We do this by building the wells in the villages that are geographically located to serve the greatest number of surrounding villages, an average of three surrounding villages. South African Well Project also funds underdeveloped churches in these areas, orphanages, medical distribution, and any other humanitarian need that serves the public.

Greetings, my name is Hershel Landers. The first twenty years of my work in ministry was devoted to adult and juvenile prison, halfway houses, convalescent and senior citizens homes, and the Los Angeles Skid-row district. With great joy and fulfillment I'm happy to say I maintain these services to date.

Eight years ago I was invited on my first foreign mission's trip to the Philippines by a missionary group from West Angeles Church of God In Christ. Two years later with the same group I traveled to the countries of Mozambique and Malawi in Central Africa. My involvement for the most part was assisting those who were medically trained in treating those who were dying from simple diseases and infections that would not be life threading in any developed country. I learned on that trip that the primary reason for premature death was not lack of medical care but contaminated water, the two greatest needs water, medicine, in that order.


Trained doctors and nurses from developed countries around the world have been traveling into major city areas on the continent of Africa for decades sharing their skills and medical services, but the fact is these skills and services seldom reach those who need them the most and can least afford them, the village people. The medical attention that they receive is for the most part restricted to missionary groups who are there two or three times a year. Between the medical clinics, they are drinking, cooking with and bathing in contaminated water.

People in the villages of Blantyre Malawi and the country as a whole are dying prematurely from contaminated water, they have no choice but to drink it or die even sooner. Women and girls as young as ten years old walk four and five miles round trip to fetch and carry five and ten gallons of contaminated water back to their families thats killing them. Thank God for the few doctors and nurses who do travel to the bush of Africa, without them many children would not reach adulthood. However both sanitary water and medical care are needed to sustain both quality and quantity of life.

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When you donate to South African Well Project, you not only give life to thousands of villagers but also employment, as we use all local labor in the construction of these wells. South African Well Project has contracted with the Chitsime Boys Contractors of Blantyre Malawi to construct and service these wells for the life of the wells. These are a company of young men trained by the I.F.S.P. (Integrated Food Security Program), a group of German engineers and advisors in agricultural and public water works. They are certified by the Malawian government, and are independent contractors. 

There is absolutely no interference from the Malawian government. No taxes, no certificates, no fees, no intermediate groups, all communication and donation are direct from South African Well Project to the well builders.


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